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Motion in the ocean

A long time ago me and ciphergoth and pavlos were trying to work out if there was a word for something that shocks you even though it's totally expected. We eventually settled on 'struck', preferably said in a deadpan voice with a significant pause. As in - "I was... struck... that David Blunkett boasted that he would be more right wing than Jack Straw."

Today I think that this Guardian article demands a stronger word than struck - something like the unsurprised equivalent of gobsmacked. It was tucked away in the back on the comments pages, and basically says that the nation state of Tuvalu has admitted it can no longer withstand global warming and needs to evacuate its 11,000 people before their homes are all underwater. Even more... striking... is that these people are going to be treated as refugees rather than being able to sue, say, George W Bush personally for millions of dollars.

I would like to say that this marks the time when nation states can no longer fail to take this seriously, but sadly I doubt it. More likely they will spend their time debating whether people should be allowed to keep their .tv domain names.


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29th Oct, 2001 05:49 (UTC)
Arse. That's really fucking depressing.
29th Oct, 2001 15:35 (UTC)
Now thats a surprise!!
The first country to not neccesarily go down the tubes in its entirety, but the tubes coming up to the country and swallowing it hole...

Much like the cliffs of Devon I suppose.

But yeah - I could imagine Bush doesn't really give a damn lest Tuvalu actually had some great mineral rights that the americans gave a dam about - Anything less and they wouldn't give a toss.

"beligerent" (spelling mistake withstanding) springs to mind...

Ho humm... But its a sad day...
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