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I am tired, I am weary

And my elbow hurts because I slept on it in a funny way. OK that's not very poetic but it's has the poetry of truth.

Phoned a few removal companies and found them booked up, which is discouraging, but I found one which may be able to do Wednesday 11th. This would mean getting someone else to record Buffy and Angel for us, or leaving the TV and video behind and moving it later...

I can't think of anything else to say, so here is a picture of an elephant wot I painted in art therapy four years ago.

It's amazing what turns up when you're packing to move...


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4th Jun, 2003 07:15 (UTC)
Wow! Like it...
4th Jun, 2003 07:55 (UTC)
Am confused now - where my eflant gone?
4th Jun, 2003 07:59 (UTC)
I think they might be doing referer checking, although it seems quite unreliable (sometimes the elephant appears).
4th Jun, 2003 08:05 (UTC)
As it's cute...
4th Jun, 2003 08:11 (UTC)
Re: As it's cute...
Thanks. It doesn't say anything about blocking at Fotolog that I can find, but they've changed a lot lately, so I wouldn't be surprised...
4th Jun, 2003 08:02 (UTC)
Get the movers to move our TV and borrow a little one from someone?
4th Jun, 2003 08:31 (UTC)
Aha! (picture a little light going on over my head). Rachael has a baby TV, so maybe if I ask nicely...
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