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Sometimes I will randomly decide to boycott a meme. The LJ match thingy is one such. I got pissed off at the very first page of their form, and when I started to see more and more results from their I was glad I hadn't bothered. One point that people might like to bear in mind: persnickety people are only compatible with each other if they are persnickety about the same things. Also compatibilities of over 106% are not reassuring...


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2nd Jun, 2003 02:52 (UTC)
Yeah, I got annoyed by most of the questions on the first page but decided to proceed out of sheer bloody-mindedness. I wasn't for one moment inclined to take any of the results seriously, but in that respect it's no different from any other 'how compatible am I with you?' test.

Does anyone take any of these tests seriously? Scared now...
(Deleted comment)
2nd Jun, 2003 04:05 (UTC)
"You are the Red Power-Ranger. You wield the Sword Of Megatron, and take Livejournal quizzes too seriously"
2nd Jun, 2003 04:04 (UTC)
...and what's the point of the barcode things? Eh? Eh?
2nd Jun, 2003 04:46 (UTC)
there is no point. unless wasting a few minutes of time counts as a point, as for so many online quizzes, etc..
2nd Jun, 2003 04:53 (UTC)
I gave up when it asked your relationship status.

And I seriously doubt whether it detects "compatible" people or just "similar". Similar would be far easier. As an obvious example, two dominant lovers would be similar but a dominant and a passive would be more compatible.


2nd Jun, 2003 08:36 (UTC)
Are you saying that I am not 110% compatible with the people on my list? That is so sad. I really was hoping it was true. I take quizzes to waste time. I am not sure how it guesses anything over 100%. Also, a lot of the people who matched were often people who did not know each other well at all.
2nd Jun, 2003 15:10 (UTC)
I didn't realised it asked you questions. I thought it looked at your listed LJ interests and went from there! Well, I'm definitely not itnerested in it, then. Anything that only allows you to enter a US zip code as your location is fundamentally offensive to me.
3rd Jun, 2003 06:53 (UTC)
Yep, I'm with you on this and even posted as such.
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