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Grrr. Aarrgh.

Does anyone know where I can find out what S2 is supposed to do - so I can tell if some of it's more annoying aspects are bugs or 'features'? At the moment I am actually considering taking people who use it of of my active friends list, because I refuse to leave comments on posts which give me no way of deleting them.


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30th May, 2003 05:38 (UTC)
ignorant me - but whats S2?
30th May, 2003 05:40 (UTC)
If you really need to delete a comment on an S2 journal, it can be done but it's a pain. Here's the "link" URL from an S2 comment:


And here's the URL for deleting a comment I made:


So presumably the URL to delete that S2 comment would be


I haven't tried this yet.
30th May, 2003 05:46 (UTC)
Well that seems to work, but it's hideous. Do you know why the link to delete comments isn't shown in these pages?
(Deleted comment)
30th May, 2003 06:03 (UTC)
Well it would be nice if you would add that delete link, but for me the biggest disadvantage of S2 is that I have to persuaude *everyone* on my friends list to do that instead of changing my own style. But I've said that before, so I'll shut up.
30th May, 2003 06:13 (UTC)
Tell me, madam, what is this "S2" of which you speak?
30th May, 2003 09:55 (UTC)
New LJ style system. Currently a system for making comment pages as ugly as journal pages.
30th May, 2003 06:34 (UTC)
I've my own issues with S2 (see here). As far as I can see, at the moment it looks nifty, but doesn't yet (unless you do lots of workarounds) offer the functionality of S2, and as some of that functionality is bloody useful, I certainly shan't be changing.
30th May, 2003 06:48 (UTC)
I changed to S2 but then used the option to keep my comments in the old style as I couldn't unhide anaonymous posts I in the newer version.

Does that mean I get to stay :)
30th May, 2003 06:58 (UTC)
Well your postslook fine to me, so yes...
30th May, 2003 08:22 (UTC)
Where is this option of which you speak?
30th May, 2003 08:28 (UTC)

under the other tab when you go into edit customizations there is a drop down box labeled
Enable to use the old comment page instead of the newer style specific view.

Change that to yes.
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