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Wearing shades at night is never enough

I'm thinking about the questions katyha asked in this entry.

This is a hard one to answer for me because my housing is in transition, and sometimes thinking about it makes me unhappy, but right now I'm cheerful, so it's safe to note down some essentials...
1. Anywhere I live needs to be:-
  • In a city
  • Central
  • Networked with broadband
  • With Sandy
  • Big enough for parties
  • Big enough to have at least one room for every person

2. My ideal home would also be:-
  • Large
  • Purple (OK, not totally purple, but decorated by Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen)
  • Have a garden big enough for barbeques, woodwork etc
  • Home to at least one cat
  • With somewhere between two and five flat mates
  • Have crash space to offer
  • Have enough rooms for (some of) a library, darkroom, studio, office
  • Owned by me
  • Called Morada

It is cheering to note that the new flat will have everything from list one, plus the large living room with crash space. I won't be calling it Morada, because I'm saving that name, but it will do for now.


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30th May, 2003 03:18 (UTC)
So... what will the new flat be called?
30th May, 2003 03:28 (UTC)
I'm not revealing that until we've actually signed the damn lease. i'm paranoid like that.
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