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I believe in happiness I believe in love

Gosh, I actually seem to feel quite good this morning, which is a pleasant surprise. One major conference is behind us, which is one good reason, and I had a lovely time watching Buffy and drinking wine *without* getting a killer hangover, which is another. And it's sunny but not too hot, and Friday, and my bosses aren't here. Hurrah!

Am wondering whether to go to Dogma tonight in order to be awake for whatever we can see of the eclipse. On the other hand I could just go to the Holyrood and forget it. I'm supposed to be seeing Jon, but we haven't decided what to do yet. Any suggestions?


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30th May, 2003 02:55 (UTC)
How far on are you with Buffy now?
30th May, 2003 03:01 (UTC)
We're watching on Sky so we've got two of Buffy and three of Angel to go.
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