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The Fiery Death of Mir

After nearly four years providing habitation in geostationary orbit many metres above Edinburgh, Space Station Mir is going for splashdown. Come celebrate the life and work of this pioneering vessel at our Fiery Death of Mir party. Dock with Mir from 10pm onwards on Saturday 21 June, which also happens to be summer solstice, so we're bound to be up past the very early dawn...

We'll all be moved out by then, so there'll be very little furniture. If you fancy lending us any big beanbags, blow-up chairs etc, mail me. We can provide some crash space if you ask well in advance. Mail us if you don't already have the address...


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28th May, 2003 03:44 (UTC)
parties an big blow up chairs...
Party sounds good - incidentaly i have an big inflatable armchair thingy that has been feeling neglected though lack of use for the las three years. Your welcome to borrow it and i could bring it to pub this evaning if this would be helpefull (although you might want to make other arangements as it is a little bit heavy to lug all the way accross town...
28th May, 2003 04:02 (UTC)
Re: parties an big blow up chairs...
I'm unlikely to be at the pub tonight, but I'm sure we could arrange something. ta!
28th May, 2003 05:10 (UTC)
Re: parties an big blow up chairs...
I'll let you know when i'm not doing exam stuff next time ime in the labs - i could possible bring it over?
28th May, 2003 09:24 (UTC)
That's convenient, I'm in Edinburgh that weekend. And I failed to attend many Mir parties in the past, all but one actually!
1st Jun, 2003 01:36 (UTC)
Would very much like to be there, but it's l'Amour that weekend, and it't the only one I'll be able to get to for a couple of months. Have fun! If anyone else from London is going, I have a houewarming gift for the new place.
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