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A quote I must share from Television Without Pity's recap of Firefly. (a great site, but beware of Buffy spoilerage)
This girl is a 'Hollywood Geek' -- a pretty, pretty girl who is stuck into lumpy clothing, given an unflattering hairstyle, and denied make-up, all to try to convince us that she's not a pretty, pretty girl. Then, of course, she'll get all 'gussied up' for some reason or another and knock everybody's socks off. Everybody, that is, who isn't already aware that this is already a pretty, pretty girl.

Three loud cheers! When are we gonna get less than pretty geek girls on TV. Like, Willow was originally supposed to be fat, but that would have been Too Much for the Network. Blah.

Meanwhile, back in my brain, why do I always dream of floods when I'm under stress? I'm obviously under a lot of stress because last night was a major mega tsunami, and, stupidly, I was trying to climb up the tower of a church made of bamboo to get high enough to avoid it. Yeah, like that would work. These dreams are never nightmares, though. I mean, we didn't get to the bit where the wave crashes down and turns the church into so much kindling (well, damp kindling, anyway - driftwood, maybe). And I wasn't scared, and often I dream that I can fly/swim through the floods with no discomfort. But huh? Oh well, back to work I guess...


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27th May, 2003 04:52 (UTC)
Can you LJ-cut potential spoilage?
27th May, 2003 05:26 (UTC)
There is no spoilage. The recapper is guessing.
27th May, 2003 05:29 (UTC)
Ah, OK - saw "spoiler" and panicked.
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