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Am feeling better today, so I shall be whining less for a bit, maybe. Yesterday was very productive at work, and I also got four boxes packed when I got home (rather than my usual two). My LPs, tapes and some more books are now packed, as well as the whole of Babylon 5 on video, which just fitted in one big box which I then found it hard to move. Also calar came round to return my copy of Fourth Mansions, which I'd been missing, and we watched an episode of Firefly and ate fairy cakes courtesy of sibelian.

Firefly is actually pretty good once you get past the Wild West conceit, but I can see why it didn't last long. The dialogue often shows the old Josh spark, and the plot is well put together, if a little predictable, but the music is driving me nuts. I'm certainly going to keep watching, though (assuming I can get Sci-fi by some means in the new flat...).

sibelian is working late tonight again, but I have food arriving, and maybe I'll do some housework, and I have the second episode of Firefly on video because I didn't want to watch two in a row, so I'm sure I can manage to entertain myself, and tomorrow ciphergoth arrives. Can you tell I'm not very good at being on my own yet?


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27th May, 2003 02:54 (UTC)
Firefly is pretty good, it's a shame it was cancelled with so much of the plot unresolved. Oh well, we can imagine what happens in our brainminds.

With a bit of filesharing action you can download episodes of that kind of thing, as I did.
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