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Fuck me but i've got a lot done today - with the help of my sexy Delegate Pack Technicians, naturally.

I would just like to say that I hate hate HATE the new style scheme. Why in order to read comments on people's entries should I have to see things in *their* style and colours rather than my own? Especially when some people chose such eye watering colours... If this doesn't get fixed I will no longer be encouraging people to use lj-cut because it just makes things worse. Grrr!

Looks like I can get ADSL at the new flat at least, but I still don't understand it, and I won't be able to do much until I'm in a position to order my BT connection. Help would be very much appreciated with the whole process...

And today I took advantage of a special offer at Boots and bought a three month supply of St John's Wort. It worked OK for me before when I was mildly depressed, so it's got to be worth a go, if only to get me through flat moving hell.


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26th May, 2003 08:31 (UTC)
Yes, I want an option that says "Please show me everything in my style, not in theirs"...
26th May, 2003 09:30 (UTC)
I'm happy enough with the LJ styling
26th May, 2003 15:07 (UTC)
Return of the Wombat
You seem to get the LJ styling if you do click on 'read comments' or equivalent, but if you click on a cut tag link, the comments are presented in the style of the user's journal that they're in. Not really a very consistent UI.
26th May, 2003 14:21 (UTC)
Yeah - I see this as an accessibility issue, actually. Some people use fonts that I find eye-straining, and someone who was actually visually impaired could have real trouble with some colour schemes or font settings.

One of us should write this up for suggestions... I don't have the motivation at the moment, though.
26th May, 2003 08:35 (UTC)
You don't like my purple?
26th May, 2003 08:45 (UTC)
Yours is OK, at least it's not black on a black background...
26th May, 2003 08:47 (UTC)
*blink* That would be silly. Did someone do that deliberately, or is it the result of browserfoo?
26th May, 2003 13:49 (UTC)
Well the one I was thinking of was actually black on dark purple, but on a Mac it came out utterly unreadable.

It's rare for them to be that bad, but I still find having to skip between everyone else's colour schemes confuzzling, however nice they are individually...
26th May, 2003 11:07 (UTC)
I agree about the new LJ style thing. I have my friends page with green text on a black background which is a good contrast which I can see.

I always thought the point of friends pages was that you could set things up to your colourscheme without other people's hideous tastes being inflicted on you. An accessibility feature if nothing else. I suspect my girlf won't be able to see many people's own schemes due to being quite severely colourblind.


26th May, 2003 11:29 (UTC)
SJW works for me, when I miss it for a few days my moods drop.

Hope it works :-)
27th May, 2003 03:11 (UTC)
I can set up ADSL for you if the flat has a BT phone line and we agree a budget for the equipment.

27th May, 2003 04:11 (UTC)
"with the help of my sexy Delegate Pack Technicians, naturally."

awww, thanks...
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