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one day soon i will laugh right in the face of the poison moon

Fuck me but i've got a lot done today - with the help of my sexy Delegate Pack Technicians, naturally.

I would just like to say that I hate hate HATE the new style scheme. Why in order to read comments on people's entries should I have to see things in *their* style and colours rather than my own? Especially when some people chose such eye watering colours... If this doesn't get fixed I will no longer be encouraging people to use lj-cut because it just makes things worse. Grrr!

Looks like I can get ADSL at the new flat at least, but I still don't understand it, and I won't be able to do much until I'm in a position to order my BT connection. Help would be very much appreciated with the whole process...

And today I took advantage of a special offer at Boots and bought a three month supply of St John's Wort. It worked OK for me before when I was mildly depressed, so it's got to be worth a go, if only to get me through flat moving hell.
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