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A big mistake, sent back an empty box

OK, it seems that my lovely new flat isn't covered by any either NTL or Telewest. "Because it's so central", says the Telewest phoneline (yeah, that doesn't make sense to me either). So I guess I'll be going back to BT. So, do any of you guys know how to find out if I can get ADSL (and how to instal it?). Also, is there any way I can get Sky TV short of buying a dish? I'm really quite anxious to know...


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26th May, 2003 05:52 (UTC)

try here for BT broadband

you just type in your new phone number and it tell syou if is available.

Sorry, I am not 100% but I don't think you can get sky without cable or a dish. I can tape buffy and angel for you if you need it tho' :}
26th May, 2003 06:16 (UTC)
i use force9, very good and fast and 20 quid a month. you could look into digital terestrial? :/
26th May, 2003 06:17 (UTC)
wechsler and I have the same problem with our new place. Sucks, don't it? NTL are shit and will never explain why a particular area isn't cabled.
26th May, 2003 09:42 (UTC)
"It's too central" probably means it would cause too much chaos to dig up enough road to lay cables into that area. In Milton Keynes all the new estates are fully cabled, but the old village areas still don't have cable even now, 25 years after the town started being built around them.

ADSL, don't go with BT's own offering (I run http://btsuck.org/ so I would say that). Instead find another ADSL provider in your area. I have had fairly good service from Pipex down here, but generally I'd recommend looking on http://adslguide.org.uk/ to see who is recommended in your area.
26th May, 2003 16:11 (UTC)
Don't buy ADSL from BT. Buy a "self install" package from someone. I have one from Demon, I believe Metrolink and Pipex also offer them. You buy your own modem/router and filters and pay just for the connection per month.

27th May, 2003 03:05 (UTC)
If you can't get cable, you'll only be able to get Sky via a dish. The replacement for Ondigital doesn't do Sky as it doesn't have a way to do the decoding.

Telewest/NTL are a bit shit in Edinburgh. They do Morningside Road, but not the streets off it, for some weird reason.

As far as finding out if you can get ADSL, bt's website will check for you if you can give it the phone of the new flat. But I think most of the central Edinburgh exchanges are set-up to do ADSL, so you should be alright.
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