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Fill it up and send it back

There are two updates I could do about this weekend. If I was feeling clever I could do them in a table so they could be read side by side, thus indicating that I seem to be feeling both versions at the same time - but I'm not so I won't. I will leave instead it as an exercise for the reader.
Version 1
I had a very pleasant weekend with adjectivemarcus. This is because:
  • I was able to forget my house related stress for a lot of the time.
  • We didn't stress about doing too much, but sat round watching sci-fi and cartoon channels a lot of the time.
  • I didn't do any housework, but I did manage to get some clothes clean for Monday, which was the only essential thing.
  • We went to the Hoyrood and the Mish and had fun and I danced without further injuring myself and we managed to get a cab home.
  • Rachael came over on Sunday and has filled in flat application forms and agrees with us on a name for the new flat, which will be announced shortly.
  • Parts of The Matrix Reloaded were excellent.

Version 2
The whole weekend sucked, thus proving that I am a bad person, a terrible host and should just have stayed at work. This is because:
  • I got repeated bouts of depression that lasted only about half an hour to an hour but which seemed much more.
  • I didn't provide adjectivemarcus with laugh-a-minute entertainment.
  • The house was a mess which I still haven't cleared up and I didn't have any proper food in stock.
  • I drank too much on Saturday and had a hideous hangover the next day.
  • I can't have Telewest in my new flat, which I found out while still horribly hungover.
  • I didn't enjoy the Matrix Reloaded as much as everyone else, thus making me a wet blanket.

Don't mind me, I'm just schitzoid... Now, how to go about believing Version 1 and dismissing Version 2?


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26th May, 2003 04:03 (UTC)
as adjectivemarcus? since your assessment of the weekend seems to be largely based on whether or not you were a good hostess and whether he minded that you didn't tidy up or couldn't cook him gourmet food, just say 'Marcus, did you have a good time?' and if he says yes, go with Version 1 (which I'm sure is more accurate anyway).
26th May, 2003 08:36 (UTC)
I didn't rate MR all that much either FWIW, quite a disappointment in some ways.

I think there's always things you didn't do. The main thing this weekend was to see Marcus and socialise and have fun, wasn't it? Sounds like that went well - laugh-a-minute entertainment for an entire weekend visit is impossible, but a good night out is always fab.

Bummer about Telewest. ADSL seems to be more reliable in some ways though. We use an ISP called Zen, they seem to be pretty good.
26th May, 2003 09:52 (UTC)
You can have DSL with routing for your whole flat at something like £150 install and £27 monthly. That was when I got it, it may have gone down.

26th May, 2003 10:04 (UTC)
The messages I had from Marcus over the weekend sounded as if he was enjoying himself.

(Well, apart from the one this afternoon that said he was stuck in Lancaster because his train had been terminated due to a tree on the line and he might be getting a bus back. That one was a bit less cheerful...)
28th May, 2003 01:09 (UTC)
I had a really good time, don't need round the clock laugh a minute attention (and indeed, would run like the wind if it loomed), and will be back for the housewarming.

I recognise version 1. *kiss*
1st Jun, 2003 16:06 (UTC)
A trick that works for me surprisingly often, which evolved out of conversations on alt.poly, is to visualise the workings of my brain as an electronic gizmo and "see" myself rewiring it so that I get the output I want for a given input. It works especially well if I can combine it with autohypnosis. Of course there are still many, many situations in which it doesn't work, often because I'm too crap to think to try it, but every little helps ;-)
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