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Well it's a free for all free for all free for all

Am a bit scared of posting this, but on the other hand I'm hating work and crave any entertainment I can get, so go ahead, tell me the truth! (The only thing that would really upset me would be if no-one answered)

1. When and how did we meet?
2. Have you ever seen me with my shirt off?
3. Have you ever seen me cry?
4. Describe me in four adjectives:
5. If we could spend a day together what would we do?
6. Have we ever gotten in a fight?
7. If you could give me a present what would it be?
8. Would you hug me?
9. What do you really think of me?
10. Have we ever kissed?
11. Has there ever been anything you wanted to tell me, but were scared to?
12. Wanna make out?
13. Name one thing you don't like about me:
14. What song/band makes you think of me?
15. Name one thing you envy about me:
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