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as breathing flows my mind secedes

If I end up spending many more nights alone I may have to learn to use the dreaded irc. Meanwhile I'm burning Paul's CD collection between packing and moping. More boxes have been filled, however. My aim is to pack as much as I can without dismantling my life - and it's amazing how much that's possible, which shows how many things I have that I hardly ever need access to. Am still dreading packing kitchen stuff and other stupid shaped stuff though. Most proper removers seem to want everything in boxes, including hi-fi, computer, kettle etc, and I can't remember how we did that last time.

One thing I did do today though was get back in touch with Rachael, our hopefully soon to be new flatmate. We found her through an ad she put up in The Elephant House, and she seems lovely. I mustn't say anything too personal about her as I intend to introduce her to LJ as soon as I can. In some ways she doesn't have a lot in common with us, and that and the fact that she's 18 is a bit scary, but we hit it off straight away and I didn't guess her age until she said she'd seen some Buffy when she was eleven (!!!). And at least being young she has accumulated a bit less junk than me, so she'll probably fit in the small bedroom OK. She plays the guitar and the piano, to, so she can jam with Sandy. Anyway, I've arranged to go back to the flat on Friday lunchtime with her so she can see it and fill in some forms and I can measure and stuff.

And now for some messages...

kerrycat (or any of the Manchester crew) - are you going to be able to pick up that box of bi stuff or what do you want me to do with it?

lovingboth - did you decide whether you wanted any Loving Mores with your Bi Monthly #1? What address should I post it to?

And who wants to go to the Matrix Reloaded with me?
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