Purple Rabbits (purplerabbits) wrote,
Purple Rabbits

my beloved monster is tough

50 books I would actually recommend

Margery Allingham - Dancers in Mourning
Margaret Atwood - Lady Oracle
Jane Austen - Northanger Abbey
Lucy M Boston - The Children of Green Knowe
Marion Zimmer Bradley - The Mists of Avalon
David Brin - Kil'n People
John Brunner - The long result
William Burroughs - Cities of the Red Night
Peter Dickinson - Tefuga
Peter Dickinson - The Lively Dead
Peter Dickinson - The Blue Hawk
Umberto Eco - Focaults Pendulum
Greg Egan - Permutation City
Richard Farina - Been down so long it looks like up to me
Antonia Forest - The Players Boy
Bo Fowler - Scepticism Inc.
Neil Gaiman - Coraline
Neil Gaiman - American Gods
Alan Garner - The Owl Service
Tom Holt - Expecting someone taller
John Irving - The Hotel New Hampshire
R A Lafferty - Fourth Mansions
Ursula leGuin - The Dispossessed
Ursula leGuin - A Wizard of Earthsea (the trilogy, though the later additions are good too)
David Lodge - How Far Can You Go?
R A McAvoy - Tea With The Black Dragon
Anne McCaffery - The Ship Who Sang
Sharyn McCrumb - Bimbos of the Death Sun
Ken McLeod - The Star Fraction
David Mitchell - Ghostwritten
Elizabeth Moon - Speed of Dark
Michael Morpurgio - Kensuke's Kingdom
Jeff Noon - Pollen
Terry Pratchet - The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents
Terry Pratchet - Small Gods (a good one to start with if you haven't read any)
Philip Pullman - His Dark Materials trilogy
Thomas Pynchon - The Crying of Lot 49
Mary Renault - The Mask of Apollo
Tom Robbins - Jitterbug Perfume
Alexei Sayle - Barcelona Plates
Dorothy L Sayers - Murder Must Advertise
Mary Shelley - Frankenstein
Lemony Snicket - The Bad Beginning (and the rest of the series)
Muriel Spark - The Mandelbaum Gate
John Steinbeck - Cannery Row
Neal Stephenson - Snow Crash
Bruce Sterling - Zeitgeist
Josephine Tey - Bratt Farrar
Roger Zelazny - Creatures of Light and Darkness
Paul Zindle - Pardon me, you're stepping on my eyeball
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