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I can't stand up for falling down

I managed to damage myself quite badly last night when I fell down outside K. Jackson's and acquired a badly twisted ankle plus a very sore other knee. Poor Sandy had to escort me home while I was weeping and somewhat hysterical because I really wasn't sure if I was going to make it home and there was no way we could get a taxi. The taxi company we phoned helpfully suggested we call an ambulance, which would of course have taken us to Little France and abandoned us there - not much use for a twisted ankle. Fortunately I had a Sandy and a long umbrella, and supported between the two I managed to get home. I am not going anywhere at all today - even going as far as the bathroom hurts. I have Donnie Darko which I intend to watch early this afternoon (since it's due back at 7.00), so at least I have something to do.

On Friday I watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and decided that it really really sucked. In fact I'm coming more than ever to the conclusion that I loathe Harry Potter in a quite comprehensive way, which is odd because I love children's books and usually love anything with magic in it, and on the face of it I should like them, but they just strike me as being done all wrong. Maybe I'll go into my full rant on the subject later, but at the moment I think I will have pissed off enough fans already...
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