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Life is hard and so am I

I seem to be surviving in spite of all difficulty, so the above must be true. Thanks to pipistrelle for coming round yesterday and cheering me up. Also Jon did manage to make it at the last minute so Buffy and Angel were watched with suitable commentary...

I am working Monday, so that I can claim my Bank Holiday day later when I move house and thus save annual leave. this seemed like a good idea on Monday, and seems less good today, but I still think it makes sense. Also I get a day at work with not too many people bugging me.

Don't know if I'll be at Vain this Saturday, as I don't actually like it very much, but I bought many stick on sparkles in Glasgow today so I may go anyway, because I'd like to meet at least a few people this weekend. I also have several job application packs burning a hole in my desk at home, and I really must apply for at least a couple of them. One at SAMH (mental health) and one at SFHA (housing) both look good...


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16th May, 2003 11:04 (UTC)
Oh, stick on sparkles are cool...If you do come it would be nice to see you out there. Tell you what, I'll give you a ring on Sat if I'm going.
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