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Don't you tell me to lighten up

Am feeling bored and in need of comments, so do please follow me up if you're as bored as me...

Everyone seems to think I should do an irrelevant funny poll, but this will have to do. It won't fit into a poll very well, so I'm just doing it as a set of questions.

Where would you like to go on holiday for a weekend?

What about a week?

A month?

Where would you go if you were on your own (or would you be too scared)?

In a romantic couple or threesome?

With a platonic friend?

With a larger group?

And for your last optional question, would you like to go on holiday with me, and under what circumstances...


14th May, 2003 11:45 (UTC)
for a weekend? Wherever SBA were playing, they're my current obsession. I know I nice hotel about an hour from where they're playing next, just need a chaufeur. for this weekend? I'd rather stay in and vegitate.

for a week? I keep promising myself I'll do as many castles as possible for a holiday one day. I just need someone else to share the driving and appreciate them

For a month? I'd like to seriously do the festival. If money were no object and I didn't have to work, I could seriously into late nights, late starts and sitting arround in cafes people-watching.

On your own? I probably wouldn't be capable of it! I'd probably pair up with someone asap. I need someone to talk to.

In a romantic couple or group? I'd go somewhere warm and exotic some kind of island paradise to try out all the stuff I've ever wanted to.

Platonic friend? Concert trip or shopping

larger group? Anything I didn't have to organise that everyone wanted to be doing. I love WGW, does that count?! ;-)

With purplerabbits? I don't know you all that well so it would have to be with a big group of friends-in-common. Whitby? Or Leipzig? Or some such probably.