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Don't you tell me to lighten up

Am feeling bored and in need of comments, so do please follow me up if you're as bored as me...

Everyone seems to think I should do an irrelevant funny poll, but this will have to do. It won't fit into a poll very well, so I'm just doing it as a set of questions.

Where would you like to go on holiday for a weekend?

What about a week?

A month?

Where would you go if you were on your own (or would you be too scared)?

In a romantic couple or threesome?

With a platonic friend?

With a larger group?

And for your last optional question, would you like to go on holiday with me, and under what circumstances...


14th May, 2003 06:50 (UTC)
Yes, I feel as bored as you.

Weekend: Paris, Amsterdam, London, Copenhagen, Scottish island

Week: San Francisco, Japan, France (Alps-Jura, Pyrenees), Rome, Germany (Rhine), Greek Island, Paris, London, New York, Jordan (Petra), Antarctica

Month: Eh? Well, OK, West-coast US, Southern Argentina/Chile, Japan, Greece, Italy, Spain, Mexico, East Africa, Maghreb (African shore of the mediterranean), India, China, Eastern Europe.

Alone: Paris, Amsterdam, London, NY, SF, Antarctica (in a group, obviously), Japan, US, South America, Eastern Europe.

Romantic: Paris, Rome, Scottish Island, Japan, South America, France, Mexico, Africa, India

Platonic: Anywhere in Europe, SF, NY, Antractica, Africa, India

Larger group: Greece, Maghreb, Paris, Amsterdam, NY, California, France, Scotland

Alison: Yes, if we talk a bit and agree that we want to do compatible things in the day.