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The milkman brings us vodka - we drink it!

I slept in my own bed last night - it was fab and I slept for twelve hours. And then I woke up and saw my lovely room and the purple and gold cloth and the Venetian mask Sandy put up over my bed and sighed a happy little sigh. Mmmm.

Everything is back in place now, except that I'm still using Paul's computer cos I can't be arsed climbing round under the table to plug mine back together and anyway I left the end of the network cable in Jon's room and he's still asleep.

And I've also been keeping to my diet this week, which means I'm losing more weight due to all this physical work, but that can't be bad - and I still got to drink fizzy wine last night...

Anyway, here's my 5 survey, for those as care...

5 minutes ago: putting music on so I'd have something cool to write in the current music bit (What, doesn't anyone else do that? Go on, admit it!)

5 hours ago. Woke up briefly and realised I didn't have to get up or do any work or anything. Went back to sleep. Yum.

5 days ago. Painting the woodwork and pacing up and down waiting for Sandy to wake up.

5 months ago. Working on disability conference. Had just had my six month review and been confirmed in the job. Had just been to Venice, so I wa still raving to everyone about that.

5 years ago. Hard to do without going in the loft for my old diaries. I was living in Gomorrah and had just finished my Post-grad diploma with Training for Work, so I'd be signing on and not getting any hassle yet. Had been to Berlin and Kingston BiCons, and was with all of my current three partners (gosh, that's ages). We were still trying to run Polycon, which eventually had to be cancelled, My e-mail folder says I was being contacted by Deborah Anapol (who it later turned out wanted to be paid).
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