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I was a teenage twelve year old

I've put a couple of picture of my hopefully soon to be new flat up in My Fotolog. Just so everyone can see what I mean by a huge living room...

Me and Sandy went and looked at the outside again on Sunday, and the building has a weathervane - and gargoyles!


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12th May, 2003 09:14 (UTC)
nice, especially the gargoyle factor!
12th May, 2003 09:16 (UTC)
You've been listening to my Doug Anthony All Stars on the networked iTunes! That's dangerous in a work environment when people ask you why you're laughing.
12th May, 2003 09:22 (UTC)
My colleagues have long ago leant not to ask why I'm laughing. Otherwise I tell them.
12th May, 2003 12:46 (UTC)
12th May, 2003 12:52 (UTC)
That's not a living room, that's a palace! :)

Ooh, that's a point (about the gargoyles and stuff) - I think I might have inadvertently stolen your chair in the Elsinore a wee while back, and you didn't look very happy about it at all, but I didn't figure out that was what I'd done until a few days after because I'm unobservant. So, sorry about that, I won't do it next time.
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