Purple Rabbits (purplerabbits) wrote,
Purple Rabbits

Born of frustration

The weekend mostly sucked, mainly due to serious shoulder pain the whole time, which meant I had to go home early from Gigantor. Typically I am feeling somewhat better today now that I'm at work :-( Still, I got to meet heteronormative and eat too much cake, so all was not lost. I really resent the way that I'm getting nightmares every bloody night at the moment, though.

Meanwhile I wish the agents would sort out our lease for Cockburn Street. I know we're pretty certain to get it, but I can't sort out Telewest and the removers etc until I'm certain, and I know that Telewest are going to take a couple of hours on the phone at least. Still, I'm being optimistic and collecting boxes, and will start packing some of my stuff when the rest of Jon's stuff goes on Tuesday.
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