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Must I paint you a picture?

This is the first of probably lots of "Geek help wanted" posts. ciphergoth has pointed out that the cheap prices of colour bubble jet printers is basically a scam, as the refills cost so much. Unfortunately he is also planning on taking away our lovely laser printer on the spurious grounds that it's his (bah).

So. Does anyone know of a possibly slightly more expensive printer that isn't going to take an overdraft to refill, or can you point me to a good Which style guide to current printer options?


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8th May, 2003 08:56 (UTC)
My advice remains what it has been for years: get a second hand HP Laserjet Series II, III or 4. The ones when the company was run by engineers, basically.

They work, they last forever, they're incredibly cheap - if you look, you can get IIIs for around £20 - and, based on past behaviour, if HP ever stop making refills, they'll give you a new laser printer.

With inkjets, new models are vastly better than older ones. So just buy a new Lexmark every so often. Cheaper than refilling it.
8th May, 2003 10:08 (UTC)
Spare printer ...
I happen to have a laser printer going very cheap to a good home -- bought it at a car boot sale for a tenner, discovered there was a brand new drum but no toner cart in it, added toner, and found it was in perfect working order. (Idjit previous owner saw the "replace drum" light after 13,000 pages, replaced the drum, but didn't realise you also had to stick in a new toner cartridge -- therefore assumed it was broken.) Model is a Kyocera FS-600, it'll do you 8 pages per minute at enhanced-300 dpi, and toner costs roughly 30 quid per 5000 pages (plus a new drum for 70-80 every 13,000 pages -- i.e. a total of about 150 quid for 13,000
pages, or 1.2 pence per page). Parallel port interface, thinks it's a cheap HP Laserjet 5 clone, should work fine with Ghostscript under Linux (or with Windows drivers). Not a lot of use to me because none of my newer computers have parallel ports ...

Yours if you want it.

8th May, 2003 11:11 (UTC)
Re: Spare printer ...
That would be very much appreciated, and sounds like it would work with my outmoded machine just fine. I hardly ever feel the need of colour anyway, so cheap and legible black and white is just the trick.
10th May, 2003 20:38 (UTC)
Re: Spare printer ...
Is that the one that you promised to me? And on the several occasions I tried to put the cash in your hands you said we'll sort it later.

If you didn't want me to have it you only needed to say.
9th May, 2003 11:45 (UTC)
By "refills", do you mean new cartridges? I refill the cartridges themselves at a sixth of the price of new ones.
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