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7th May, 2003

Giving away more things

Who would like:-

  • A big bag of acrylic paints in loads of colours - great for art therapy!
  • Some mosaic making stuff including some blue and red tiles
  • A large transparent and silver lunch-box style makeup case
  • 3 balls of chunky black wool
  • A Nokia charger and handsfree kit
  • Some useful booklets about anxiety and panic attacks - 2-5 of a series (I have no idea what happened to number 1

All free to anyone who can collect, but donations towards my moving costs cheerfully accepted


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7th May, 2003 14:52 (UTC)
If otherwise it has no home, I'll take the wool. But I do have more than enough (especially of purple wool, for some reason) so if anyone else wants, they can have it.
8th May, 2003 00:07 (UTC)
Can I steal your paint?
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