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Giving it all away

Gosh, I hadn't expected competition for my bi memorabilia!

OK *puts on Solomon hat*

Ian can have Bi-Monthly Issue 1, plus Loving More 12-16 if he wants

Tara can have Venus Infers because she lives nearby and I like her...

Pavlos can have some of the bi zines, like 3 in a Bed, if he wants, or some Red Hanky Panky.

Manchester can have the rest, because Ian is going to give BiCon 2003 some programmes, plus some badges I found which can be sold to support the group if you want, plus some other bi magazines, including old Bifrosts and Anything that Moves. It fills a small magazine box - Kerry, when can you collect - it needs to go before mid-June.

OK, that's one box taken care of. Now for the rest...


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8th May, 2003 12:10 (UTC)
rar, thanks :D
when would be a good time to collect?
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