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Raspberry and black cherry icecream

Which is what Sandy says my room looks like. I think he means that in a good way, though. Yes, my room is painted! It looks dead good - although it will be better when I've finally reshelved all my books. All I have to do is remember how I managed to fit them into the shelf space before - that can't be *too* hard, can it? Also getting the shelves back on the walls is going to be jolly, given the state of my plaster. ho hum.

Yesterday Sandy did most of the painting, as it was the top half of the window and the rest of the cornicing that needed most work. Meanwhile I painted the radiator, did the washing up, completely cleaned the kitchen, went shopping, and cooked tea for Nik, who came round to watch fish with us. I didn't find the coral reef programme as good as the others - I just think of pretty tropical fish as things that go in other people's fish tanks, but I liked the tiny shrimps that live in sponges, and the stupid looking harlequin shrimps. We also managed to video a mad film from BBC Knowledge, called Les Glaneurs et la Glaneuse, all about, well, gleaners, people who pick other people's crops, folk who pick up trash, artists who work with found materials... Maybe it was because we were really stoned, but it was one of the most fascinating and weirdest things I've seen for ages...

The guy from Telewest is here just now, and seems to have connected the TV without breaking the Internet, which can only be good. I had a moment's horror yesterday when I realised that mail was broken and Paul was nine hundred-odd miles away without a dial-up connection, but we managed to fix it with an exchange of text messages, and my peace of mind was restored. Now we just have to see if the phone still works, and all will be well. I must shelve books, though, rather than watch crap TV just because I've got twice as many channels - I really must...
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