Purple Rabbits (purplerabbits) wrote,
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All the things she gave me

Wherever I end up moving to, I will need to get rid of some stuff. Such as the stuff listed below. Does anyone want any of it and is prepared to pay postage (or collect), otherwise it may get junked...

A complete run of Bi-Monthly
An assorted batch of BiCon programmes, going back to BiCon 5 or 6 (I'll have to wait till I get in to check which ones I have
A mixed bag of old copies of Red Hanky Panky
Three issues of Venus Infers - a very rude lesbian SM magazine
A Bunch of old SM Bis stuff (if anyone's interested I'll check exactly what I've got when I get home)

This is just the bi stuff, I'll put up some more when I get homes, and some comics and such.
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