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All the things she gave me

Wherever I end up moving to, I will need to get rid of some stuff. Such as the stuff listed below. Does anyone want any of it and is prepared to pay postage (or collect), otherwise it may get junked...

A complete run of Bi-Monthly
An assorted batch of BiCon programmes, going back to BiCon 5 or 6 (I'll have to wait till I get in to check which ones I have
A mixed bag of old copies of Red Hanky Panky
Three issues of Venus Infers - a very rude lesbian SM magazine
A Bunch of old SM Bis stuff (if anyone's interested I'll check exactly what I've got when I get home)

This is just the bi stuff, I'll put up some more when I get homes, and some comics and such.


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7th May, 2003 05:09 (UTC)
Yes! me please!! on behalf of the Manchester bi group. Can collect. Thank you thank you thank you if you let me have any bi relevant stuff!

Kerry xxx
7th May, 2003 05:10 (UTC)
Christ that was quick!

OK, I'll post you a proper inventory when I get back. There's a few books and stuff as well, and if they can go in a resource centre that would be cool.
(Deleted comment)
7th May, 2003 05:28 (UTC)
You got there just before me! Old BiCon programmes would be hugely useful to me, as I'm doing the program for this year's BiCon. Will happily copy them and pass them on, if that's acceptable.
7th May, 2003 05:36 (UTC)
I have copies too - and I think I have photocopies of particularly good bits - so it's probably easier to get them from somewhere in London.

Jen's the other person to ask. If I don't have photocopies, it's because I sent them to her as part of doing last year's programme.
7th May, 2003 05:48 (UTC)
I'd want to at least see complete programmes, so that'd be better than photocopies of the good bits. If I could borrow yours, that'd be great.
7th May, 2003 05:52 (UTC)
No problem - they're even sorted in a nice magazine box. It'll be a week or two before I'm at the flat though.
7th May, 2003 06:20 (UTC)
Thanks Alison, (hugs) and yeah, G. sounds fine :)
7th May, 2003 05:36 (UTC)
I'd love the copies of Red Hanky Panky, if those are still on offer :) Paul could maybe play delivery boy?
7th May, 2003 05:41 (UTC)
If you're prepared to split the Bi-Monthlies, I'd love issue one (and does the 'complete' include a copy of the never officially issued #22? If so, I'd like that too).

If not, I'll take the set.

I've got issues 1.1 to 2.1 = the first five of Venus In Furs. If you have any others, I'd like them. If you have the two with the solo-SM article, spikelady may not realise she wants those at the moment :)

My SM-Bi collection is very patchy, so that too please.

7th May, 2003 05:47 (UTC)
I really like Red Hanky Panky, but others have been quicker...

7th May, 2003 06:00 (UTC)
if i hadn't seen that before everyone else, i'd've asked for the issues of venus infers... :)
7th May, 2003 07:30 (UTC)
Re: damn
The ones I have are photocopy-able.

Anyone know how many issues they actually did?
7th May, 2003 10:13 (UTC)
I like the sound of the SM bi stuff!
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