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Oh shit pride comes before a fall

Shit. Damn. Bum. Buttocks. Basingstoke.

It looks like we need to either find someone else to move into Cockburn Street with me and Sandy, or give up on it and look for somewhere else. Does anyone out there know of any safe, sane, vaguely alternative but still financially reliable person looking for a single room in the centre of Edinburgh? It would have broadband and can be provided furnished or unfurnished...


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6th May, 2003 09:01 (UTC)
Flatmate Needed
I'm sure you've thought of this already, but how about hitting the edinburgers group on LJ, asking around EdGar and maybe hitting upg too? Just some thoughts.
6th May, 2003 11:06 (UTC)
Re: Flatmate Needed
I've done Edinburgers. I'm not on upg, but will generally try to pass the word around...
7th May, 2003 01:05 (UTC)
Probably not at all helpful, but isn't zotz moving to E'burgh soon?
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