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We are applying for the flat on Cockburn Street. I am intimidated by the amount of work there is yet to do, and scared by the prospect of change, and sad about having to leave and all the reasons for that, but I really hope we get it because it could be a lot of fun. And the parties would be fantastic.

Oh god, why do I own so much shit?

Update I just went to the agents and handed in forms and a rather large cheque, so I'm committed now. EEEEK!


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1st May, 2003 04:46 (UTC)
Best of luck with everything :)
1st May, 2003 04:56 (UTC)
Good luck with the move..

I've got all this moving stuff to do myself now...
1st May, 2003 05:00 (UTC)
It does sound quite excellent.
1st May, 2003 05:23 (UTC)
Congratulations on getting a new flat organised that you're all happy with so quickly and (relatively) painlessly. Moving is one of life's nightmares, but you've got to remember that it is a beginning as well as an ending. In particular, a start to being right in the heart of town with a big living room - could be social life a-go-go if you want it to be :-)

Also, they might be a nightmare to move, but you can never have too any books.
1st May, 2003 05:43 (UTC)
Best of luck - photocopy paper boxes are exactly the right size for packing books - see if you can blag any from the office / people who work in big offices.
1st May, 2003 05:51 (UTC)
Although it would pain me greatly at the time, I could reduce how many books and boardgames I have. They make up the vast bulk of my 'stuff'.

I could should also ditch the old PC stuff that's lying around on the off chance it will one day be useful.

Have a sale?
1st May, 2003 05:52 (UTC)
Oh god, why do I own so much shit?

I've been thinking along similar lines. Am caught between brutality and sentimentality every time I try to throw things away.

1st May, 2003 06:19 (UTC)
good luck with it ;)
1st May, 2003 22:18 (UTC)
Cockburn St? Amazing! I do hope it all works out fine. What a great location.
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