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My Miss from Diss

Sandy is going to see the flat today, and if I can get time off I'm going with him. Can anyone think of anything I should be looking for/questions we should ask? If Sandy likes it we're definitely going to go for it. However, I would just like to spend a moment complaining about what a rip off landlord's agents are. This lot want:-
  1. £100 deposit to secure the flat
  2. £800 (one month's rent) further deposit when we move in
  3. £85 for the first person and £25 for the other two non-returnable fee for the pleasure of checking out our references.
  4. And four references - from an employer, bank, former landlord and a character reference!

This means it will have cost us over £1000 before we pay any rent or get our stuff moved or anything. Me hates profiteering scum!

And the title is because I, too, am going to the sixth level of hell, and I couldn't resist it...
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