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Don't just do something

I wrote a long boring update on the painting last night, but I was so fucking tired that I could barely type, and managed to lose it all before I could update it. I have now had sleep, and can at least hit the right keys when I concentrate, but I still can't believe how exhausting this all is.
I don't think I've ever been as tired as I was last night just from hard work (rather than from not getting enough sleep). The ceiling is done, and most of the walls, and I have to rely on Sandy to finish the tops of two walls and do the cornicing, cos I can't really reach, even on the ladder. That means that today I will be cleaning down woodwork and painting with oil based paint - which I am scared of. I just find that wood paint gets everywhere when I use it, and I don't want it in my hair, on my wooden floor, or on the walls we've already painted. I guess I'll just have to be very careful and use a paint kettle...

I am seriously wondering whether I want to go to Dublin. On the one hand it seems vaguely cowardly not to, and just dropping the £30 I spent on the flight seems terribly wasteful. On the other hand I can actually afford it, and booking accommodation would cost me at least £70 more, before food and airport taxis and other odds and ends.

So the real question is do I want to go? And really, when I compare the prospect of wandering round a strange city on my own and trying to eat low calorie restaurant food for two days, and spending a total of nine hours in airports, on planes and on buses, with just staying here and chilling; chilling wins every time. I mean, if I stay here I'll have time to perfect my room layout and actually put up my pictures etc, and I'll have Telewest to play with, hopefully, and it'll mean I don't panic about finishing the painting and get paint in my hair, and I can get an actual rest before going back to work instead of exhausting myself even more. OK, I'm sold. And if it's cowardly, only I know or care (oh, and the thousands who are avidly following my LJ...)
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