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Home is anywhere you hang your head

It's a real pain to update LJ from this cupboard, but I'm awake and I may as well do it now. I've been online too much at work anyway.

I'm having qualms about the flat I want. Not because I don't like the flat itself, but because it would be so soon, and it makes the whole moving thing so much more real. The thought of packing all my incredible quantities of stuff fills me with horror.Yes, I know I'll have to do it sometime. But.

And there's always the other worries. If wedon't take this flat it may turn out to be the best option we had, and if I do I may find we should have waited (after all I haven't looked at that many) and that the flat of our dreams is just around the corner. This is stupid thinking - how can you ever tell how much looking is enough? Yesterday was such hard work, and two of the places I saw just sucked. The majority of places I've seen advertised weren't even worth looking at or else they were gone, so I imagine that if we don't take this one we'll be waiting a month or two before we find another as good. And it just can't be that central.

Ho hum, we still have to get past the landlords checks, so I have time to dither before we sign on the dotted line, assuming they let us get that far.

I bought the next Lemony Snickett yesterday, which cheered me up though, and am currently trying to resist the latest Artemis Fowl on the grounds that I don't want to buy to many hardbacks. Now that I have (some) money a few authors have been promoted to my hardback list. The problem is that once on that list it's very hard to demote them as I just have no patience to wait the two years or so between hardback of one book and softback of the next. So far only Terry Pratchet and Ursula leGuin are guaranteed hardback buys (Lemony Snickett doesn't count because I've never seen a softback version). Fortunately I only got into His Dark Materials when they were all out, otherwise that would have been another.

And Artemis Fowl is another series that I don't own the first book of, having read someone elses. This has happened a lot with me, and then it takes ages before I'm desperate enough to buy the first book just to complete my collection.

Gods, why do I have to have so many books. And will the landlord let me line that massive living room with shelves?
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