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She's surreal

Religious announcement (If you find this weird feel free to ignore it)

I've got a new goddess for next year. From 1st May I shall be playing court to Hestia, Greek goddess of the hearth. She's one of the few goddesses of hearth and home who aren't also marriage/fertility goddesses. In fact she's adamantly single. Since I am going to be building a home and single, she seems to suit. I shall not, however, be defending my non-existent maidenhood, just in case anyone was wondering...

I shall spend the night of the 30th saying farewell to Dionysos in traditional fashion. I've had a somewhat mixed year while worshiping him, but he did point out that it wasn't him who invented vodka :-(


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29th Apr, 2003 11:59 (UTC)
*nodnod* Sounds eminently sane and reasonable to me.

Shall you have to keep a sacred flame burning all year long, or was that Vesta?
29th Apr, 2003 12:16 (UTC)
Hestia is essentially Vesta, but without the virgins. She dwelt in the hearth of every home instead of in a temple, so I shall interpret the sacred flame thing as not getting the electricity cut off...
29th Apr, 2003 12:29 (UTC)
Cool. a very pragmatic form of devotion, if you ask me :D
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