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the words are dumb and so's the tune

Am still feeling pretty shitty after a mediocre weekend. It went like this.

Laurie Anderson was good, but not fun. She seems very unhappy about a wide variety of not exactly related things, so the whole show seemed to be a serious of tangentially related miserable non-sequiteurs connected by good but distressing musical noises. There was one bit about her experience of being in a children's hospital in particular which made me feel quite ill. I'm glad I went, but I wish I hadn't been so down to start with.

Then I went to Finsternis, pausing only to put on my handy portable red corset. I had fun there chatting to pipistrelle, nik_strychnine, avaritia and sparklegoth. I would go t Finsternis more often if I lived nearer. It's fine to pay £1 for a pleasant evening in a bar with music, but not worth paying for a taxi home as well, usually...

Saturday I woke up early and did housework, then went to Princes Street and bought make-up, then wondered why I was stressed, realised that I was on Princes Street and went home. Still, I got some decent blue nailvarnish and silver eyeshadow, so I then spent ages getting ready for the Mish just because I could, even though when I got there it was too dark there to see any of it. Even the UV seemed less than usual, so my UV nailvarnish topcoat was wasted. First I stopped off at the house of sparrowpunk, drank cheap ready mixed Marguerita and met greymog, who seems like a fluffy tart, but that's OK because she's a cat and allowed to be. Was already drunk by the time we got to the Mish (via Favorite for a quick iced Mocha and the Holyrood to pick up pipistrelle and nik_strychnine. And then I did dance and drink but sadly not screw because I got knocked back and got upset and drank more and felt ill and took off corset and sulked in a corner. Didn't get to do traditional Mission thing of slagging off ex at this point because couldn't find anyone to talk to, so went home. At least I managed to get a cab as I doubt I could have negotiated Princes Street safely at that point.

Then on Sunday I was ill. Woke up feeling crappy, found hard drive had died, decided to ignor it for a bit. I Had a good phone hat with djm4 in the morning then went back to bed. calar came round in the evening, but I was feeling too ill to be much company - sorry. I did manage to do a bit of tidying, but not much as I had to keep lying down.
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