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As if I didn't have enough to worry about, my hard drive just died, along with all my writing and any other data I might want. Now I have to decide whether to buy another one which is small enough for my computer to understand, or whether to just snap and buy a whole computer, complete with guarantee, from a reputable manufacturer. Hey, maybe it's time to go for a Mac, so I can get online by myself without worrying that it's going to explode or something...


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27th Apr, 2003 12:28 (UTC)
You could buy couple of second hand drives very cheaply from e-bay, which might be a good quick fix temporary solution. How old is this machine?

Soph xx
28th Apr, 2003 01:52 (UTC)
And on looking in the spares box, I see I have a 1gb drive which you can have. I'll stick it in the parcel with Sibelian's shirt etc if you wish. Let me know as I'll be sending stuff your way tommorrow.

Soph xx
28th Apr, 2003 04:25 (UTC)
That would be fabulous. Thankyou.
28th Apr, 2003 06:22 (UTC)
It's on it's way. It's a Western Digital Caviar 11000, 1055 mb. You'll have to fdisk it as it has Debian on it at the moment. Should be there Wednesday/Thursday.

27th Apr, 2003 13:47 (UTC)
Eeeek. Having had my hard drive go "pop" and take months of work with it not so long ago, know it only too well :o(
27th Apr, 2003 14:39 (UTC)
I almost certainly have a drive that would do due to hoarding lots of old computer bits. You would be welcome to have it and Paul or David M could take it up with him for you. What size do you need?
27th Apr, 2003 15:41 (UTC)
if you are worried about the data i think i might know a company that can probably recover it for about 20 quid or so...
28th Apr, 2003 03:03 (UTC)
Is that just for 'oh dear, I seem to have deleted that important file' recovery or does it also cover 'oh dear, my hard drive's r/w heads have just broken off'?
28th Apr, 2003 04:06 (UTC)
yeh i think more my "harddrive looks like a fossil", although they might be able to reover very recently deleted files, as they are on always still on the hard drive until they are overwritten.
28th Apr, 2003 04:24 (UTC)
I'd also be worried about how likely they are to get you into trouble for what they find there. I honestly can't remember how much porn I've got, and even though I *think* it's all legal I don't want any grief...
28th Apr, 2003 04:36 (UTC)
this is true. and is why all porn should be kept on a different hard drive. (revealing too much)
28th Apr, 2003 00:44 (UTC)
i'd go for a new computer, probably, especially if your old computer had a small hard-drive, and if you need more space..is there any way of rescuscitating it, at least temporarily? i hope you can get your writing back.. :(

while it might sound dodgy, i got my computer from ebay for a massively discounted price. and right now you could get an older iMac for about £600, or a new, shiny one from £a lot..
if you were after a mac i'd probably go for one of the iBook laptops- they look pretty good for day to day use, and i'm just annoyed the software i use needed the expensive g4 processor!
28th Apr, 2003 04:44 (UTC)
If Paul hasn't offered to do that already, I offer to put your old hard drive into my computer and see if I can read the data from it.

28th Apr, 2003 04:53 (UTC)
That might be very useful. Paul will probably be too busy as he has lots of flat related stuff to do. Are you back yet?
28th Apr, 2003 05:11 (UTC)
Yes. We can meet at the filmhouse or you can visit. I can also demonstrate the baby, if you are that way inclined.

28th Apr, 2003 05:31 (UTC)
I now have an image of you moving the bady's limbs around in a demonstrative way...

We should probably meet the Filmhouse or similar first, but I'm happy to meet the baby sometime soon.
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