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Eine kleine Mausmusik

My room is now empty except for the wardrobe, table and two chests of drawers which have been piled up in the middle. Everything else is in Paul's room, and, amazingly, there is still room for me to squeeze into his cupboard to use the computer. Sandy is still sugar soaping the walls, but I'm knackered - since it's Randell and Hopkirk soon I probably won't get much else done today, but I keep telling myself that it's the clearing up and preparation that takes the most time. And the putting back, of course, but I'm not thinking about that just now.

Hope all you smug bastards are having fun in France (and remember, if you are reading this in France, you are too sad for words).

Oh, and I've got toothache from a wisdom tooth coming through (which it has been doing for years, now, but it choses to ache at random times). Bah!
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