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Yay! yay! and thrice yay! I now have tabbed browsing in Safari. Since work otherwise sucks this is an essential requirement for making my days bearable, and also making it look as if I'm doing some work.

Meanwhile we had a bearable flat meeting, I went to the gym and felt incredibly virtuous (and sore), and my hair looks like a sheepskin rug dyed like black and orange flames that my mum used to own. Am not sure if that last is a good thing...

Still, Buffy tonight, which I am actually looking forward to (and yah boo sucks to cairmen and anyone else who is too highly evolved to enjoy it...)


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24th Apr, 2003 06:53 (UTC)
*nods* Currently Buffy rocks. And I'm really enjoying Angel too.
24th Apr, 2003 07:58 (UTC)
Just to clarify - if you didn't know, I'm a *huge* Buffy fan. Unfortunately, watching the current season is actively painful. I honestly don't understand how you can enjoy it. Still, good for you that you are doing.

Angel, OTOH, is on by far its strongest season yet.
24th Apr, 2003 08:09 (UTC)
I guess I sounded more harsh than I meant to - sorry. I'm enjoying Buffy in a more shallow way these days, But apart from that one utterly dire episode, Angel rocks.
24th Apr, 2003 08:17 (UTC)
Which utterly dire episode?

No worries - to a certain extent, I suspect my incredible disappointment in this series comes from the fact I'm a professional writer/director, and I've been able to appreciate the craft in earlier series of Buffy. Technically, Series 3 in particular is mind-bogglingly awesome.

In comparison, Series 7 is horrible on a technical level - lazy, poorly-constructed, badly set, blah, blah, blah. Possibly I'm disliking the episodes that suck more because I know about the craft they're using, and hence am able to pinpoint all the spots where they're horribly screwing up.
24th Apr, 2003 08:40 (UTC)
Awakening was the low point, for me.
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