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Some questions for people who may know better than me...
  1. Is there any reason why I shouldn't buy the cheapest USB CompactFlash Reader (£15 from Dabs)?
  2. Where's the cheapest place to buy large CompactFlash cards?
  3. Can anyone think of a realistic reason why I should renew purplerabbits.com as well as purplerabbits.org?
  4. Does anyone know of a portable MP3 player that will record direct from any audio source? I saw a review of one in some weekend supplement magazine a while back and failed to make a note of it. It wasn't an Archos, and it cost less than £200...
  5. Why am I categorically unable to do any work today?


23rd Apr, 2003 07:30 (UTC)
1) Shouldn't think so - who's it made by?
I just bought one from Jessops for 18 quid and it seems to work perfectly (on the Mac at least).
2) Don't know - media card prices have dropped a lot recently, but again I'd suggest at least looking at Jessops as I know they sell many accessories quite cheaply.
3) Not really - as far as I recall I've only kept the com-net-org triple for ukcycling to avoid mimicry/plagiarism (it's happened), but haven't bothered with personal domains.
4) Pass, again.
5) It Happens. I should probably do some before tasks pile up too much.