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Some questions for people who may know better than me...
  1. Is there any reason why I shouldn't buy the cheapest USB CompactFlash Reader (£15 from Dabs)?
  2. Where's the cheapest place to buy large CompactFlash cards?
  3. Can anyone think of a realistic reason why I should renew purplerabbits.com as well as purplerabbits.org?
  4. Does anyone know of a portable MP3 player that will record direct from any audio source? I saw a review of one in some weekend supplement magazine a while back and failed to make a note of it. It wasn't an Archos, and it cost less than £200...
  5. Why am I categorically unable to do any work today?


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23rd Apr, 2003 07:30 (UTC)
1) Shouldn't think so - who's it made by?
I just bought one from Jessops for 18 quid and it seems to work perfectly (on the Mac at least).
2) Don't know - media card prices have dropped a lot recently, but again I'd suggest at least looking at Jessops as I know they sell many accessories quite cheaply.
3) Not really - as far as I recall I've only kept the com-net-org triple for ukcycling to avoid mimicry/plagiarism (it's happened), but haven't bothered with personal domains.
4) Pass, again.
5) It Happens. I should probably do some before tasks pile up too much.
23rd Apr, 2003 08:01 (UTC)
I get my Compact Flash cards from Ideal Computing, across the road from us here in Bruntsfield. Silicon might well do them too, which would be handier for you but more dodgy! They've both got web sites but memory prices are so volatile (geddit!) you only really know what it'll cost at the point of sale.
23rd Apr, 2003 08:58 (UTC)
www.crucial.com sell cheap memory of all kinds...
will you be in the pub tonight?
23rd Apr, 2003 10:05 (UTC)
Questions ...
Only reason for not buying the cheapest USB CF card reader that I can think of is that for not a whole lot more you can buy readers for multiple card formats. (CF, SD, MMC, Memory Stick, and all the others.) This may be more useful in the long term.

Another possibility is that if you've got a laptop with a PCMCIA slot (I know, I know, but I don't know what kind of computer you've got) you can get a CF to PCMCIA adapter for a little over a tenner. (CF is a compact form factor that's pin-compatible with PCMCIA, so your CF card just slots into the carrier and plugs straight into the laptop's PCMCIA slot.)

As for cheap CF cards, Morgan Computers (www.morgancomputers.co.uk) are currently advertising 256Mb cards for a tad over fifty quid plus VAT. But I'm reliably informed the bottom has fallen out of the market price-wise in the US, with Gizmodo.com saying that Amazon.com (who won't ship to the UK, Waaaah) were doing a promo on 256Mb Viking cards for about US $50. If you know anyone who's going over to the USA imminently, ESPECIALLY to a state with a branch of Fry's, ask 'em to bring back a couple of CF cards and a reader.

23rd Apr, 2003 10:08 (UTC)
As a followup to myself, I'd like to add that CF is about to leap to the next size range, with 1Gb to 4Gb FLASH cards due to ship this summer and IBM Microdrives in the 2-8Gb range due later this year. Which is why the old 256Mb cards are the current sweet price point (while the price begins going up a lot if you start looking at 512Mb or larger cards, and 16Mb cards are going in shop dump bins for a fiver).
28th Apr, 2003 00:58 (UTC)
Yes - a 6 in 1 reader is not much more and if you want cheap, wait for someone to have a sale and you can get CF only for under a tenner.

I went here - 512M for about £90, less than twice the cost of a 256M.

Does it get any hits?

More should do it than can - do let me know the results.

Pass, but with what's happening in your life, it doesn't surprise me.
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