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I made a fotolog. Because cairmen is justified and knows what is new and cool, ho yuss.

Also I'm really, really bored and lazy...


23rd Apr, 2003 07:06 (UTC)
yay! Will your Whitby photos end up on it? I have a strange feeling you may be one of the few people who snapped a picture of me on the Saturday night (white fluffy bunny outfit). I haven't yet seen a single image of me online, and I'm longing to see how it looked in the end :) It took me a while to put together the face from Bicon, the person with the cute ears, and the LJ name, but I managed it in the end :)
23rd Apr, 2003 07:11 (UTC)
At least some Whitby photos will be going up. I can't remember whether I got a picture of you, though I know I squeaked and pointed and said "bunny!" a lot... Will check when I get home.
23rd Apr, 2003 07:26 (UTC)
poing! I love the bunny icon ;) I had a lot of fun making that outfit, and even more fun wearing it. Thank you for liking it :)