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We're not the world, we don't belong

One thing I've done in the last few days is send off my BiCon booking. This seems like the height of foolishness to me at the moment, and I did briefly contemplate writing a post asking whether anyone actually wanted me there, but then I realised that I knew exactly what responses I'd get and I'd still have no idea whether they were true or not.

So, anyway, I booked. Even though I may be moving house then, and no-one will want to talk to me, and stuff. I didn't book accommodation yet, though - partly 'cos I can't afford it yet and partly 'cos I want to have an idea of who I'm sharing with if possible. Does anyone else need to book rooms on site who could bear the idea of sharing a flat with me? The flats are shared between five.


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20th Apr, 2003 15:34 (UTC)
Look forward to seeing you there.
21st Apr, 2003 03:37 (UTC)
Not sure why you feel like people wouldn't want you there. It's not a feeling I'm aware of, nor one that I experience.
22nd Apr, 2003 09:15 (UTC)
I haven't booked yet (more through lack of organisation than any other reason) but I'd be up for sharing a flat with you if it suits. and it's not a question of bearing it either - I don't get to talk/see you enough, even though we live in the same city, so I'd actively *like* to get a chance to see you at Bicon. (And before!)
25th Apr, 2003 03:09 (UTC)
Yes, I'd love to share with you!
22nd Apr, 2003 10:24 (UTC)
Well I don't know you that well but I'd also be happy to share a flat with you. djm4 and thekumquat say many good things about you. I can understand some of why you are feeling down right now though, given some of the things that I know have happened, but that doesn't mean you don't have many friends who will be very glad to see you at BiCon.
23rd Apr, 2003 13:37 (UTC)
Anne and I will happily share a flat with you, although we haven't decided yet if we're going to have one room or two. Anne says I'm rotten for wanting my own room, so I presume she's forgotten it was her idea. Glad you decided to go anyway.
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