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The ship went down and the music froze.

After my last experience I swore I would never ever buy a corset on ebay again, but I was just looking, and, honestly, does this look like a Vollers corset to you guys?


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20th Apr, 2003 03:41 (UTC)
not in the slightest- anne summers maybe!
20th Apr, 2003 04:18 (UTC)
Vollers do make basques/merrywidows as well as proper tightlacing corsets, and I think that might be one of those. It's mislisted as a corset, not mislisted as Vollers, likely.
20th Apr, 2003 05:11 (UTC)
Looks like something out of Grattans catalogue to me.
20th Apr, 2003 05:45 (UTC)
I haven't seen that item afaicr in any Vollers catalogue...It doesn't even look like a corset, I think I'd be dubios too.
20th Apr, 2003 06:24 (UTC)
what happened last time?

it looks like the vollers with the full cups and shoulder straps, but with added lace.
20th Apr, 2003 07:14 (UTC)
Well, maybe, but it doesn't look strongly boned to me: not with the way that fabric is lying...
20th Apr, 2003 09:04 (UTC)
Hey Lucy! You're here too. Remember me? Pop into shop and natter for hours, everytime I'm in Manchester visiting bf. Probably not I'll bet. Spent ages last time worrying that I'd never get into cyberkitty stuff. I'll be down again soon so I'll remind you of this comment.

20th Apr, 2003 11:36 (UTC)
It is a Vollers style (number 1962)
- there are pictures of it on the corsetcurves website here

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