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What's it all about then, I mean really?

According to the classical philosophy selector I am an Epicurean. Which amazingly actually accords with what I think.

Epicureanism, as best I can judge without reading the original texts, took a materialist and mechanistic view of the world and said that a wise person would be devoted to happiness. However happiness is held to be best served by philosophy, eating and living with your friends, and a degree of moderation. Sounds good, though Epicurus' idea of moderation in food was more moderate than mine...

I just bought a Paul J McAuley book called Pasquales Angel. About a Renaisance industrial revolution (what if Leonardo had made his machines instead of just sketching them) - not bad so far.



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12th Oct, 2001 12:01 (UTC)
Oh, that sounds really interesting! (Clearly the OU history of science exam has done nothing to temper my addiction... must go add that to my wish list...)
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