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I don't expect to talk in terms of sense

I'm still alive. More than that my false fingernails are still intact - go me! I now have my cottage to myself, so I'll be having a quiet gathering in tonight and then getting the 12.41 train back tomorrow. sibelian, are you still OK to help me get my case up the stair at 6pm or so - because I'm seriously going to need it...

Wore my ears last night and new spider web skirt and felt fab. Annoyed that 80s night ends so early, even though it meant I got a decent night's sleep. Danced a bit, and would have done lots more except for colossal lack of space and overheating. Think I have survived Whitby without doing anything majorly stupid, but will wait and see how bad the comedown is before swearing to that.

Now off to pub to find zotz before I go over my time limit.
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