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A Whitby Manifesto


  • Eat food from supermarket
  • Remember that panic attacks are not improved by tight lacing - loosen up!
  • Bring spare things to the Spa so I can change out of corset and/or impossible boots if I have to
  • Listen to some bands
  • Take more pictures this time
  • Actually upload pictures on my return
  • Get a second opinion on any purchases over £5


  • Eat chips and battered anything
  • Wear a corset every night
  • Fall off of impossibly high shoes
  • Panic about last minute additions to costumes and spend loads of money on three different alternatives none of which will be noticed
  • Spend more than an hour online
  • Get locked out of my cottage


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8th Apr, 2003 12:17 (UTC)
Fine goals, but how is it possible to spend less than 1 hour online? You mean at one sitting, right?


8th Apr, 2003 13:44 (UTC)
Re: How?
There's only one overpriced and underequiped cyber cafe in Whitby, and I only expect to be accessing it on Thursday and Monday, that's how...
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