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7th Apr, 2003

I shan't be going to Covenant tonight as am still snuffly and only got four hours sleep last night, plus I really don't have either the time or the money :-( Instead I shall try to pack, or at least decide what to bring to Whitby and fill my room with huge piles of clothes; which means first of all tidying up the huge piles of clothes already there... ciphergoth - if you have time could you get Sandy's big suitcase down for me?

And hughe - I'm leaving for Whitby early on Wednesday, so if you want that B&B stuff you really need to come and get it...

Now I really must try to stay off LJ for a bit - work is being totally mad at me.


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7th Apr, 2003 05:07 (UTC)
where can i pick it up? i'll pick it up tonight. ta :)
7th Apr, 2003 08:11 (UTC)
I'm in all evening. I'll phone you with the address when I leave work...
7th Apr, 2003 06:05 (UTC)
Will do when I get back from the hairdressers...
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