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Schedule/to do list

Here is my schedule for all those who are going to France to look at and feel sorry for me...
Today: take boxes home, buy paint pads on advice of lovingboth, start to pack vast book collection into boxes. Hopefully go to the pub with Jon at some point.
Tomorrow: move most of my room into Paul's room. Remember to leave space to access bed and TV. From now on I'll have to use Sandy's computer, so LJ access may be sporadic. Wash ceiling, walls and woodwork, fill in some holes, collapse in exhaustion until ceiling is dry, then paint it fuschia. Be briefly alarmed at how dramatic the fuschia is and have to go and have a sit down. Bully Jon into repairing the wood work on my door so it can be painted.
Paint the moulding in contrasting shade of purple. This will be painful as I'll have to keep moving the ladder. Wonder what to do with the rest of the huge tub of purple paint I've bought. Visit someone and complain about how exhausted I am and how uninhabitable my house now is. Emmental seem a good victim for this one.
Sunday: Continue to paint. If the celiing doesn't need a second coat maybe we'll be onto the walls by now, which are going to be cream. Originally it was going to be the Dulux colour called Rice Paper. Now it's a crown colour called Smock. Meditate on how much I would like a job thinking up paint names instead of doing any real work. If door not done, bully Jon some more.
Monday. If we're not onto the woodwork now we're in trouble. All the woodwork is going to be a dark plum, which could be jolly if it gets on the window glass or onto my nice wood floor. It also probably means it'll need two coats. Joy. In the evening remember to go to my evening class, which at least won't smell of paint.
Tuesday: Notice how ugly the radiator now looks, snap and buy cream paint for it to match walls. Do second coat of plum. Remember to go out every so often to breath.
Wednesday: If all has gone to plan I should get to put stuff back today. This is the bit I find it hardest to imagine doing, so I expect a lot of books will stay in boxes for a bit.
Thursday: a.m. a Telewest engineer is allegedly coming before midday to fit phone and TV, so I suppose I'd better have most of by furniture out of his way. Also Paul won't be too happy if it's still in his room when he gets back.
p.m. Go to Dublin. If, that is, I have the energy and have managed to book accommodation sometime in the previous week. Otherwise stay at home and go flaargh.
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