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Don't bang the drum

I'm feelings shitty and bunged up in spite of both cold and hayfever remedies. Whatever I've got it isn't either of those... I do, however, have good hair. Everything can be handled if your hair is good. I do believe that, I really do.

Meanwhile here is a meme...
House meme stolen from nine
how many houses/apartments have you lived in throughout your life?

*counts on fingers* I've lived in nine proper flats/houses and three different rooms at University.

which was your favourite and why?

The current one, because i got to paint my own room :-)

do you find moving house more exciting or stressful? why?

Stressful at first, but the level of stress depends on how much I like the old place and how much i feel forced to move. I always get excited about making new places nice eventually.

what's more important, location or price?

Price is most important, because if you can't afford it then you can't live there. But if I had the choice of two places I could afford, one cheaper but in the wrong place, i'd pick the one in the right place every time.

what features does your dream house have (pool, spa bath, big yard, etc.)?

Mainly I want big rooms and lots of them. A big bedroom big enough for a giant four poster bed, a library, preferably one big enough for the chess table and the free standing globe and the stuffed alligator, a really nice bathroom with a big bath and maybe a jacuzzi. I'd also like an attic with dusty windows that I can go up to on sunny days and find things that I'd forgotten I had. A garden would be great, especially if it could be designed by Dermot Gavin and I could have a gardener to do weeding and such...
And another
And on the subject of names. My birth name meant "noble bitter armour", but my chosen name means noble rowan tree, or if you translate further, noble rune/charm, which I much prefer...

Must do something, I suppose. Still, only an hour of work to go before I am allowed to go to the doctors.


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4th Apr, 2003 12:06 (UTC)
Colds can be horrible things- whatever the illness is I hope you get better soon because I know those type of things can make one feel really miserable. Wonderful hair though. Hug to help you feel better(but only if you want one).
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