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No deeper meaning beckoning in this runic design

And now for some surveyage.
[Spell your name backwards]

[The story behind your LJ user name]
I was dubbed rabbits by an overly cute boyfriend back in 1986, and it stuck. I became purple in 1993, when I joined soc.bi and wanted a cool user name so I could be like the cool kids. I do like both purple and rabbits, so it seems OK.

[Are you a lesbian?]
Only when asked by obnoxious straight guys. Otherwise I'm a bisexual in search of some girl on girl action.

[How old?]
36 and-a-bit

[Where do you live?]
Edinburgh. I like it.

[4 words that sum you up]
Bored, horny, anxious, slacking

Or purse. It's black and has cards and (not a lot of) money in it.

I generally use a purple comb


[Jewelry worn daily]
Only my permanent piercings. Red glass labrette stud, red glass 10mm cylinder in right ear, two more rings in right and two in left ear, rings in my girl parts.

[Pillow cover]
Black, faded

No thankyou

[Coffee cup]
One of two Libra mugs or a green mug with a frog on it.

Prescription round goldish metal dark glassed

Black, M&S

Strappy Ecco comfy shoes

Plain black shoulder bag

[Favorite trousers]
I don't generally like trousers, except for gym where I wear a baggy black pair of sweatpants

I'm against it, on me or on other people. Oh except for my vanilla body spray, which is very mild.

[CD in stereo right now]
Cop shoot cop release. That's my stereo at home. Here I'm listening to MP3s

Spider on right front shoulder, Seahorse on left tit, Rowan sprig with Ogham on right hip.

I think I answered that one.

[What you are wearing now]
Black lace-edged petticoat skirt, Black lace trimmed M&S top, big wine coloured wool wrap. Yes, I am a bloody goth.

Faded black striped with faded red, cut in a Chinese bob. Due to be dyed tomorrow. Hurrah!

Not right now, but i recommend Barry M eye dust and those wonderful permanent lipsticks whose name elludes me at the moment.

WHO or WHAT (was/is/are) -
[In my mouth]
Vanilla diet coke, teeth, tongue, fillings, the inside of my labrette stud...

[In my head]
Velvet Goldmine lyrics

For more time off work before Whitby

[After this]
Event bookings again.

[Talking to]
No-one else today if I can avoid it, I've had enough meetings already.

I just had chicken in red wine with mash. One of Safeways yummier low calorie microwave creations.

Right now I'd settle for enthusiastic penetrative intercourse.

[If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason?]
George Bush? Or Ariel Sharon? Actually political assassination can have unpredictable results, so how about Rupert Murdoch - it's hard to see how that could do anything but good...

[Person you wish you could see right now]
I would go with Zotz and say John Mather. But I would only actually *wish* it if I had a bloody convincing wish fulfilling agency sitting right in front of me...

[Is next to you]
Too much paperwork

[Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming months]
Whitby, visiting London, Marcus visiting, David and Laura visiting. Not necessaily in that order.

[Something that you are deathly afraid of?]
At various irrational times, insomnia, flying ants and being in a crowd.

[Do you like candles]
They're OK, I guess.

[Do you like hot wax]
It depends on how much the other person likes it...

[Do you like incense]
Less than I used to. I like the smell, but smoke bugs me more than it used to.

[Do you like the taste of blood]
In certain contexts.

[Do you believe in love]

[Do you believe in soul mates]

[Do you believe in love at first sight]
Only in retrospect.

[Do you believe in Heaven]
no, and it would be so dull if it were so.

[Do you believe in forgiveness]
I believe in accepting apologies when accompanied by changed behaviour and in putting the past behind you whenever it would be dangerous to do so. Does that count?

[Do you believe in God]

[Who is your worst enemy?]
I have no-one I know of who's directly working against me right now. I'm keeping a weather eye on a couple of people who have done so in the past.

[If you could have any animal for a pet]
I'd like something wildly impractical, like an elephant, but it would be fair on it, so I'd probably be dull and get a kitten.

[What is the latest you've ever stayed up]
I think the longest I ever went without sleep was 48 hours. I wasn't any fun.

[Ever been to Belgium?]
Yes. I went on a very short holiday to Bruges back in 1987. It wasn't very exciting.

[Can you eat with chopsticks]
I can get the food in my mouth if that's what you mean.

[What's your favorite coin?]
I like those Chinese coins with square holes in them. I've got with dragons on that I like.

[What are 5 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to?]
I really don't want to relocate, but I'd like to have pads in Amsterdam and London if I could live in Islington or Camden or Bloomsbury. After that I dunno. Manchester? New York if only it wasn't in the USA...
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