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Knocking them cold in black and gold.

Vanilla diet coke is jolly nice, which is good as I got about two hours sleep last night. However the sun is shining, and I feel unexpectedly jolly, albeit slightly twitchy. Many good things are happening, not the least being that I now have a corset in which even I fancy me (which is not usual). It's black and gold with dragons on it, and it will close, and it holds my tits so I don't need to wear anything under it if I don't want to, and it looks FAB.

I also seem to have acquired a minidisc player - thank you pipistrelle. Now to acquire some minidiscs...

Work is work and what can you expect, but only six working days till Whitby! Rar, and such.


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31st Mar, 2003 06:29 (UTC)
They do vanilla diet coke? Joy! Joy! (I've only seen full sugar vanilla so far).

This will make it a sight easier for me to stick to my diet (assuming that it isn't a purely Scottish limited edition or something...)
31st Mar, 2003 06:35 (UTC)
Oooh didn't know vanilla coke had made it into the UK, let alone in diet form. I had it in New York and it made a lovely mixer for jack daniels...

I've still not made up my mind about Diet Coke with Lemon. It's nice when very cold, but once it gets a little warmer it tastes like normal diet coke with a shot of Morning Fresh in it...
31st Mar, 2003 09:20 (UTC)
got minidiscs too, if you want them. i'm trying to minimise my possessions before moving...
31st Mar, 2003 09:43 (UTC)
Rar! If you're not using them I'd certainly like them...
31st Mar, 2003 09:42 (UTC)
Oh oh ohhh!!!
Love the userpic. I now have a major case of corset-lust ;-)
31st Mar, 2003 09:57 (UTC)
It does look like a very nice corset.
31st Mar, 2003 10:24 (UTC)
*falls off chair* Wow! Knocking 'em cold indeed :D
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